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Welcome to the Thunder and Lightning website! We update twice a week, and our e-mail is talcomic@gmail.com if you're interested in contacting us. We adore hearing from you!

Let it be known that the second TaL contest is now underway! For more information on all things regarding that, go ahead and click here.

August 12, 2007

Greetings, folks.

Phew! It was looking close for a while there, but it seems we managed to make our deadline when it comes to the promised two pages. :) They're waiting for you in the archive, or you can click here to go to page 112 without backtracking. Of course, given how we can't login to CG anymore, chances are none of you will be seeing this until tomorrow anyway. *sigh* Such it is, but we hope this shows that we did try.

Things continue to progress with the new site, and if all goes well, you should be seeing the fruits of our labor very soon! How exciting is that? I know I personally will be relieved when the majority of the labor is finished, and we can narrow our focus again to the story.

Um... there was probably more to say, but my silly brain has forgotten it, so I leave you with that for now. You guys really do rule, you know that? Rock on, you all.

Quote of the day:
"I would applaud you, but I'm eating a sandwich." -ADK

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For any donations of five dollars or more, you can have one of the original TaL fonts (currently Solumian), and a special donation wallpaper (which can come in different versions, so that the character of choice is at the bottom right), the thumb of which is featured below. Whee! Click on the image to get a slightly larger preview.


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